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Thursday, February 15, 2018
how to build a free website
I've seen a lot of people on here down because they don't have enough money for a site. Until you can afford a developer or templates... build your own.
There are LOTS of options where you don't have to pay for hosting or the domain. FREE WEBSITES. Examples are WordPress, Google Sites, Blogger etc. These give you a free subdomain like - yes the url is ugly BUT it's a free website and when you get the money you can easily add the custom domain for $12.
So don't despair.
Now if you want to make money on your site drop shipping or blogging you will need more effort. You can get a account to make ad money. Write a white page or book and give it away or sell it. You could do member only content that you charge a subscription fee for.
To add an ecommerce shopping cart to these sites, you just need a plugin or a little ingenuity. You can add a store using Amazon Seller, an iframe of your Ebay, links to your Ebay, or look up online templates. You could also just use your preferred payment tool like Square or Paypal on individual pages or feeds with your products.
If you want more advice, just ask.
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